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Tradosmart is a students-centered, online marketplace, specifically designed to make business more fun.
Tradosmart is constantly seeking innovative ways to help you do whatever you do the smarter way. From online advertisment of products, services and events, to online ordering of goods and services and listing of service providers, etc. We honestly believe there is a smarter way to do whatever you do
Simple working principle: Go online, post an ad, wait for responses.
Unlike other related platforms, the unique features of Tradosmart can be found in one or more of the following:
  • Tradosmart is specifically focused on students and small businesses.
  • Tradosmart is free, flexible and efficient.
  • Tradosmart does not involve in commission or middle-man sales, i.e., you deal directly with your customers
  • Tradosmart is more secure as we engage in verification and rating of ads
  • Tradosmart offers a comprehensive listing of service and product providers
  • Tradosmart is more engaging as we allow you to chat with interested customers
  • Tradosmart undeniably spots one of the most beautiful and user friendly interfaces compared to other similar platforms
Tradosmart is not necessarily gain oriented, however a little sum is required to create executive ads and rent shop space. This little sum is used for website maintenance.
The tradosmart team verifies and rates adverts based on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) criteria, i.e. we ensure that whatever you are advertizing is exactly what you say it is. We also ensure that advertised goods/products are in good condition and then rate accordingly. This rating is only done for Premium and Executive Ads
Every posted ad is rated basic by default. The advertizer can then upgrade to premium by paying the ₦500 space rent. Subsequently, we treat all the advertizers ads as premium and enroll the ads into our rating system. On the other hand, any user can apply for an executive ad. The Tradosmart team will then design and upload the ad on any available executive spot for the user, at an agreed rate
The information you enter while creating your account is subsequently used as the contact information for every other Ad you will post. We do not want you to always have to complete a long, tiresome form each time you want to place an Ad.
FREE. Except for Executive Ads, which we ourselves design for you.
There are no extra charges for purchases made from Tradosmart since you get to do business directly with the advertiser and you get whatever goods/products advertized directly from him/her. However, you are strongly advised never to pay for any whare in advance
There is no guarantee on basic Ads (every basic Ad remains unrated). However, there will be a standard guarantee on Premium and Executive Ads, as we will have a team responsible for determining how viable the product/service is and star-ing it accordingly. You are however strongly advised never to pay for any good in advance
Anybody can advertise on tradosmart, given that the product/service location is within our operating environments (for ease of verification). Our operating environments are however limited to school & students' environs.
It is very simple. Just complete the brief form (it only requires a Username, Email, Phone no. and Password)